Handcrafted sugar roses

I am currently working on a very romantic wedding cake for a lovely couple this summer and the theme is to have big sugar roses and delicate sugar petals falling randomly onĀ the pastel pink 3 tiered cake.
Here are some of the sugar roses i have completed, hope you like šŸ™‚

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Fortnum & Masons

My Husband and i were soaking up the sun in Piccadilly and we happened to passĀ FortnumĀ & Mason and I was in heaven !!

Outside, the window displays were lovely

“To enter Fortnum’sĀ from Piccadilly is to be transported into a soft-carpeted, sugar-coated fantasy, where nothing bad can happen ā€“ with the possible exception of an insulin-induced coma.” Ā  Ā LISA MARKWELL

My wonderful husband trying to decide what to buy

I was mesmerised entering for the first time and i couldn’t close my mouth,Ā (IĀ must have looked like a lunatic ! ).

Top floor crockery

Top floor, hampers and gifts

The shop extends over 3 floors (I think) the basement sells cheese and meat etc.. the middle floor sells cakes, curds and all the yummy stuff and the top floor has branded F&M hampers and gifts, crockery sets and bakingĀ equipments.

Middle floor, delicious goodies

Middle floor, delicious goodies

Curds and Jelly, oh so many flavours it's hard to choose

bought Guava and Rose Petal jelly and they are delicious, it would be a crime not to introduce these flavours to my cakes, infact i am seriously considering getting my supplies from F&M because it is not just about making pretty cakes, it is absolutely imperative that they taste good too.

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Hello cake lovers,
My name is Samia Mazhar and I am a cake decorator and run my very own wedding cake businessĀ Vanilla Cake Shop.
In this blog you will find tips of the trade, recipes, my latest cake projects and news about the business.
I hope my cakes will inspire and delight all of you!
Please leave comments as i would love to hear from all of you.

Happy reading šŸ™‚
Samia xxx

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